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Supercut 1000 Soluble Cutting Fluid £28.83+VAT 5 Litre Tub

Morris SuperCut1000

Water Soluble Cutting Fluid used with many machines such as Saws, Copy Routers, Endmillers etc. When machining Aluminium or Steel. Mixed with water to form a milky looking fluid that is typically sprayed by a Pneumatic mist spray unit or in some cases an electric Pump.

Cutting Fluid Coolant Bottle

Supercut 1000 (formerly Unison Edgeplus) is a water soluble metalworking fluid of the traditional type. It is manufactured from high quality paraffinic base oils with added preservatives along with lubricity and anti-corrosion additives.

 Supercut 1000 is readily miscible with most mains water to form a stable, rich, milky white emulsion of low odour and good corrosion protection.

Supercut 1000 is non-staining to both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and may be used in a wide variety of applications eg. Turning (including light automatic work), milling, drilling, boring and shaping.  

Features / Benefits

• Low Odour 
• Economical
• Phenol / Nitrite Free 
• Good Corrosion Protection
Areas Of Application
General Machining- Free Machining Metals
Non Critical Grinding- Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Alloys

Material Data Safety Sheet:

 Morris Supercut1000


 Terralus AIR-O-LUBE Air Mist Coolant £89.95+VAT 5 Litre Tub Neat oil




Neat Cutting oil typically used on CNC machines and high volume routers / sawing machines with micro drop air lubricating mist units similar to the one pictured:

Lube tool oil unit

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a pale amber liquid derived from natural vegetable oils blended with performance enhancing additives. It has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable.
Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a specially balanced formulation for use through metered mist air equipment to ensure economical lubricant utilisation and eliminates fluid loss associated with flood coolants. It has a high affinity to metal surfaces giving superior adhesion and on contact, the airborne droplets cling to minimise back scatter.

Key Features & Specification

Features / Benefits
• Extremely Economical

• Non-toxic lubricant
• Readily Biodegradable

• Solvent free
• For critical component manufacturer

• Chlorine free

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE finds many areas of use. The principal application being:

• Tube Sawing
• Routing, Reaming, Tapping and Milling: On large machine bed component manufacture
• Critical Component Manufacture: Terralus AIR-O-LUBE’s freedom from chlorine, sulphur and phosphorous chemistry avoids the possibility of inter crystalline corrosion formation, making it the ideal choice for machining aerospace components in alloys of aluminium, magnesium and titanium

Material Data Safety Sheet:

Morris Terralus AIR-O-LUBE


EP22 Airline Oil  £9.99+VAT 1 Litre Tub


Morris airline Oil EP22

Air Line Oil for maintaining good operation of Machines and air tools prevents rust and ensures control valves, air cylinders and air motors  are lubricated prolonging their useful life. Typically used in FRL units which drip feed the oil into the airline at a prescribed rate (see below picture).


Airforce EP22 is a premium quality, low viscosity airline oil, specifically designed for the lubrication of air tools. It has a low pour point and special additives to protect against rust, corrosion and water washing. This grade also has excellent anti-wear and EP properties, providing component protection in the most demanding of systems. Airforce EP22 contains a vital antifogging agent to maintain a healthy working environment and an antifoamant to facilitate the rapid release of air from the oil. A special tackiness additive improves lubrication in severe working conditions.

Key Features & Specification

Recommended for air tools of all types including road drills, jack hammers, air speed saws and torque wrenches. Also recommended for air motors and the lubrication of pneumatic rams and cylinders. Can also be used for general lubrication in industrial applications.

Material Data Safety Sheet:

Morris Airforce EP22




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